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Site Navigation by Admin
Thanks for joining SaltyUtes!
The contribution of site members is what will ultimately determine the success of this board, so I appreciate your membership and hope that the site content and layout bring you back often. To get you started as a contributing member, please complete the following:

  • Visit the New User Landing Page: Please peruse the New User Landing Page for site navigation tips.

  • Introduce Yourself: Please take a moment to break the ice by replying in the Introductions thread.

  • Update your Profile: Please update your profile by adding a personalized avatar and updating your notification preferences. The profile can be accessed by clicking on your username anywhere on the board. The MiniProfile (appears next to user posts) has QuickLinks for making these changes.

Again, thanks for joining!

SaltyUtes Principle

Site Navigation by Admin
SaltyUtes is a free forum where fans of University of Utah sports can discuss sports and other interests. This site is built on the premise that the Ute community is united by our love of Ute athletics but often divided by our "other interests". The structure of this board is specifically a response to issues that have plagued other Utah forums, and the following features are designed to mitigate those issues:

  • Cesspool Category-the cesspool is a default hidden category that houses Politics, Religion, BYU, and Pissing&Moaning content. Visitors and lurkers cannot view this content.

  • Active Threads Filter- Cesspool content is filtered out of the Active Threads and Stream views. There is no passive exposure to Cesspool activity

  • Participated/Bookmarked- by participating or bookmarking Threads, users are notified of new activity in those threads. This mechanism alllows users to "opt-in" to Cesspool activity updates

Hopefully these measures allow for users to tailor their exposure to Cesspool content by actively opting-in rather than relying on filters that don't apply to guests or lurkers.

Forum Rules

1) no personal attacks or insults.
2) keep Cesspool content on the cesspool and out of the sports forums.
3) read guideline two again.
4) no spamming.
5) no pornography
6) no illegal content

Site Layout

Site Navigation by Admin

See separate post for description of sidebar functions.

The homepage can be reached by clicking anywhere on the top banner.:

Houses links to other Custom Pages (alternate views) within the forum and to external sites. These are as follows:

  • Active Threads- a list of Threads listed in order of most recent posting activity within the thread. Cesspool is excluded.

  • Stream- a list of the most recent individual posts on the board. User may select to see only posts that start Threads.

  • Personal Dashboard -An expanded view including user profile, messages, participated Threads, notifications, etc.

  • Messages- user's personal messages.

  • Ute Links- links to official Utah Athletics site and other Utah message boards.

  • Visitors' Section- Site Navigation and tips for visitors to Salt Lake City.

  • Salted- Likes and comments received.

The Active Threads view in particular appears to be a very heavily used alternate viewing mode, so please check it out.


  • Location Bar- the location bar shows where the user is in the board as follows:

  • Participated Bar- here is where users are notified of activity in participated and bookmarked Threads.

Quick links to each of the forum's boards, including cesspool.

Unlike Active Threads which are "bumped" by replies, the Recent Threads are in order of most recent Threads created. Again, Cesspool Threads are excluded.

The featured bar will contain a link to a featured post, typically a GameChat or upcoming event Chat.

An expanded view of the forum's boards (Cesspool excluded) displaying from left to right, the "New Posts" indicator, the forum icon, Threads and replies statistics, and most recent post link.

The fine print for the site.

Statistics on who's viewing the site and posting activity.

The board's chat function.

Create Thread

Site Navigation by Admin
How to start a Thread:
1) Determine the appropriate Board:
- Utah Sports: All collegiate sports (except BYU)
- Off Topic: Recreation, music, TV/movies, school, food (Not politics or religion)
- The Pros: Professional sports including Utes in the Pros
- Feedback: Site issues or updates
- Cesspool: Religion, Politics, BYU, Pissing & Moaning
2) Click the appropriate Add Thread link from the Right Sidebar (figure)
3) Select the appropriate Label from the Create Thread action menu (labels are on the far right)
- Labels define subtopics within the boards, e.g. CFB, MBB, Hockey, etc in Utah Sports.
4) Enter your thread title and body.
5) Click the "Create Thread" button to submit the thread.

Sidebar and Labels/Filters

Site Navigation by Admin
So what's with that sidebar?
Each board contains several Labels that can be applied to posts on that board. More than one label can be applied to a post. For example a Recruiting label and a CFB label (college football) could be applied to a post celebrating a new football commitment. These Labels can then be used to filter activity on the boards, and the right side icons link to this filtered content. The labels are as follows:

  • GameDay: GameChat, Tickets, GameDay Visitors

  • Utah Sports: CFB (college football), MBB (men's basketball), Recruiting, PAC12, Olympic (miscellaneous non-revenue sports), Gymnastics, WBB (women's basketball), Hockey, Baseball

  • Off Trax: Off topic connversation covering Parks and Rec (outdoor recreation), TV/Film. Music, Education

  • Professional Sports: Alumni (Utes in pro sports), NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, MMA

  • Feedback: Site feedback has only a feedback label.

  • Cesspool:
  • Politics, Religioon, BYU, Pissing & Moaning

Labels can be apllied using the label dropdown menu at the far right of the thread action bar. Labels may be applied either before or after a thread is created.